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Wed, 20 February 2019

Soil Fertility

A base building block for soil fertility is organic matter. Organic matter or carbon becomes the life force for microbial activity in the soil. Microbial activity is what really drives soil fertility and soil health. Many inland Australian soils are severely lacking in carbon and so have very sluggish microbial activity. By using a plant like omsb this nutrient cycle problem can be slowly reversed over time making soils health and with greater fertility.

Oldman saltbush thrives in low moisture conditions that can see virtually all other fodder crops die. Yet it offers so much more to the landowner who is willing to change grazing practices to optimise its use. With its deep, wide and dense root structure, it provides for substantial quantities of organic matter to be become part of the soil substructure. As a fodder crop, it absorbs deep nutrients from the soil, with the grazing of animals, the dung & urine is redeposited on the surface along with carbon and nutrients, all ready to go back into the soil. - This is the key to turning around the longterm productivity and wealth generation from the land.

The approach we have developed is not going to happen by itself: it will require the committed and considered application of biological principals & practices for the maximising of benefit to your land. The challenge is great and the solution will require thought, care and time, but when done properly, the soil fertility and thus the true value of your land will improve dramatically.

Oldman saltbush helps to make improved soil fertility possible.

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