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Sat, 22 September 2018



Following is the cost of establishing an example “one hectare” block of Oldman Saltbush, with an assumed population of 2,000 plants per hectare - with the landholder doing preparation work. Oldman Saltbush transplanting has assumed hire of transplanting machinery from GMS and the employment of two extra workers.

    Seedling Price - (GST Exclusive)
  • $230 per 1,000 seedlings - delivered & with full agronomic support.
  • This is our commercial rate for saltbush plantings greater than 30 hectares.
  • $280 per 1,000 seedlings is our small area rate
  • A Trial Pack of 100 plants is available for $88. (The trial pack price includes packing, postage and GST. )
  • Typical Establishment Cost for 500mm Rainfall Zone - per Hectare
    • Fallowing & cultivation 70 AUD
    • Seedlings 460 AUD
    • Equip Hire 35 AUD
    • Labour extra 30 AUD
    • TOTAL 595 AUD per hectare


Your Seedling Price - includes much more than just a saltbush seedlings

We only supply strong, quality grown seedlings produced from using the very best nursery practices. In our nursery, we use a special cell growing technique that produces the straightest & strongest possible stems & roots. This is most critical for successful field establishment and importantly the on-going grazing performance of the plant. For extra strength our seedlings are grown over a 6 - 8 month period in the nursery. They are also pruned to create the most optimum root to shoot ratio and to produce many bud & leaf points.

  • Full on property agronomic support is included to ensure successful seedling establishment.
  • Continued on-property inspections for 4 to 5 years - you know you are always getting the best advice.
  • Seedlings graded & packed in waxed boxes - ready for the quickest & easiest field transplanting operation.
  • Free delivery of seedlings - (for commercial quantities only).
  • Transplanting supervision on property (commercial quantities) to ensure transplanting is done properly.
  • Continued on farm grazing management support and advice.

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