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Sat, 23 September 2023

"Myola" In brief..

David Taylor
Area (in hectares)
2700 ha
Rainfall (mm/pa)
500 mm
Oldman Saltbush area (hecatares)
110 ha
year of first Planting

Q & A: an interview with David Taylor

Why OMSB planted?   To have a low risk and high security feed base for my stock. To always have a feed reserve for finishing merino lambs on.

What grazing and pasture benefits have been observed?  Stability of feed and therefore farm product output . Allows rest for other pasture country at seasons break (when it rains), helps with a better wheat crop as well as can give a longer fallow.

What financial benefits have been observed? 

Financially makes me extra dollars from the same overheads, is a robust system.

Biggest OMSB impact?   

Certainty of turning out a product, fits easy as part of an overall farming system.

Any problems with OMSB?  None- just to get management right.

Do you / if you had a salinity problem, do you think OMSB would help with controlling deep drainage and/or lowering the water table?  Do not know.

Would you like to increase your area sown to OMSB? No, flat out using everything at this time.

What limits your planting of a larger area?  Just getting around to it. 








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