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Sat, 23 September 2023

Advantages of OMSB

Vegetation is your way to harvest solar energy

Oldman Saltbush is a backbone species - established Saltbush pasture combined with other native grasses constitute a self maintaining ecosystem that enables you to both maintain and enhance your environmental assets whilst at the same time getting the best return on them.

Shelter - Oldman Saltbush when being grazed grows to around 2m. At this height OMSB provides excellent shelter for both animals, soil & the ground cover. For the animals this shelter can provide considerable economic benefit during critical stress periods like during cold snaps, at lambing & calving, sheep off shearsetc. For the soil and grasses the OMSB creates a valuable sheltered micro environment that will optimises both soil water infiltration, soil nutrition and grass growth. During drought times a lot of our clients comment that they see very little soil blowing off their OMSB blocks.

High Protein- Oldman Saltbush always provides a valuable high protein/green feed base for livestock - all year, every year. Stands of OMSB create an important backbone feed base for livestock operations as green protein rich feed is so critical from good rumen health - particularly during dry times. If you require peak animal performance while grazing OMSB, additional energy is required. This can be supplied from either the grasses between the saltbush rows or supplementary feed.

Guaranteed Feed - Oldman Saltbush provides a solid feed base. Importantly, this feed base is predictable even 12 months ahead. Due to the leaf structure, the plant is inc readably water efficient and when combined with its very deep root system this plant can use more of the soil moisture more effectively than virtually any other grazing plant species. This means it irons out the peaks & troughs in rainfall distribution while providing large amounts of feed. OMSB can easily go 8 to 10 months without rain while still being able to make strong succulent leaf growth. When you use OMSB as a backbone to your grazing operation it always allows you to make more profitable management decisions.

Drought management - Oldman Saltbush makes drought management an easy and profitable experience. Generally 5% of a property planted to OMSB will provide a feed reserve for dry times. When 10% of a property is planted droughts have very little impact. Having stands of OMSB during dry times also allows you to manage your other grass country better - when rains do come this other country then will bounce back quicker & stronger.

Increased Stocking Rates - Oldman Saltbush gives you the ability to run more stock on your existing country - simply because you have the ability to grow greater amounts of feed all year. You are effectively turning more of the suns energy into grazing dollars by having a stronger water and nutrient cycle operating. This is the power that comes from deep rooted perennial plants. No longer do you need to buy more land to increase your income earning base.

Improved Ecological Grazing Base - Oldman Saltbush allows you to make better management decisions by always having grazing options. It is a backbone plant species that helps other plant species to grow better.

Better Grazing Management Decissions - Oldman Saltbush allows you to a have a more guaranteed feed supply. This is because you are working with a deep rooted perennial plant species that happens to be increadably water efficient. This always means you have the ability to make better economic and ecological management decissions for your property.

Green Feed All Year - Oldman Saltbush will provide green feed all year/every year. This is so important for animal health and well being.

One-off Cost of Establishment- Oldman Saltbush grows for a very long time. With right soil types and proper management you can expect OMSB to live for at least 50 years. Native stands of 100 years plus are common. Once the plant is established there is very little further expenditure needed.

Pays For Itself in Four Years - Through the many stocking and management advantages it will quickly pay for itself. If you have dry times the feed value of the plant becomes considerably more so your payback period is reduced.

Strategic De-stocking of Grass Country - This is one of the key management power points that are created by this plant. With only 5% of your country planted to OMSB you can have the ability to strategicaly de-stock your grass country at critical times like after the opening rains. By providing a fodder reserve with the OMSB you can carry big quantities of feed forward for these critical growth times. By the strategicaly de-stocking your other country you can also look at increasing your stocking levels. You have the ability to create more feed on your property.

Stronger Solar Chain Performance - This is all about making more wealth from the suns energy. The solar chain is simply the "SUN - Plant - Animal - Market". Oldman Saltbush becomes a valuable link by converting more of the suns energy to fodder than most other grazing plants. Its deep roots, being perennial and its water efficient leaves make this greater solar conversion possible. The solar chain is what agriculture is about - OMSB is an important part of solar chain management.

Improved Soil Nutrient Cycle - Oldman Saltbush has deep roots so it has the ability to draw on nutrient reserves deep in the soil that most other plants can't touch. Through the grazing animal these nutrients are cycled onto the soil surface for other plants to then use. OMSB effectively makes the soil nutrient cycle work stronger. A stronger nutrient cycle then allows for even more plant growth.

Improved Soil Water Cycle - Oldman Saltbush has water efficient leaves, deep roots and a strong osmotic (cell sap) force. This means OMSB can extract far more soil moisture (70% of available soil moisture) and from a greater depth (down to 5m). Also the deep and extensive root system opens the soil which then allows water to both infiltrate quicker and deeper into the soil- this effetively then stores more soil moisture for future plant growth.

Greater Long Term Profitability - Oldman Saltbush becomes the backbone and base for lifting the long term earning capacity for your country. It improves both your ecological and economic performance largely through having the ability of being able to make better livestock and land management decissions.

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